Monday, April 03, 2006

[Therapy] Sorry Took So Long, But The Dreams Are Here...Finally!

Well, the young'un seems to be doing better. Sorry it took so long, to get this posted, but the young'uns come first. I had a dream tonight. I dreamt that I could get through the next episode of 24 without seeing Jack Bauer wearing a purse. I was awakened by an unkown assailant with dirty blond hair hitting me with a man purse, and shouting "Stop dreaming, NOW!"

Anyhoo, on with dreams!


Sssteve: I had a dream last night that when I visited So. California I had to speak in spanish because nobody spoke english.... No wait.. that actually happened!! Sorry!!

FM: No harm no foul, chief. But what did you expect going to a foreign country?


Steve the Pirate: I had a dream two nights ago that I was in JC Penney shopping for jeans, accompanied by my wife and Chuck Norris.

I'm serious. It was a real dream.


FM: I need more information. It appears you've been having lots of nightmares lately, and you had to hire Chuck Norris to be in your dreams to protect you. Either that, or you're just freakin' nuts.


SeanS: I had a dream that you came and blogged on my site. It was good.

FM: That is a good dream. Too bad we had to come back to reality with me stinkin' up the joint.


jimmyb: I had a dream that immigrants were pouring over the borders, and Republicans were sucking up and pandering to them.

What a goofy dream, huh?



The Anti-Hippie: I had a dream that I got a date for prom!

And she was hot, and life was good.

FM: Well, that dream is pretty much self-explanatory, just don't sleep too long on it. You have to wake up before you get married, or the dream will turn into a nightmare.


FIAR: I had a dream where everyone lived in peace and harmony. At first I thought it was Hippy Hell. Than I realized that there were no Hippies in this world, and that is why it was so peaceful.

Could this dream ever come true?

FM: Yes, if my Chiatops Pet Of Woe © catches on like Ipods.


Flowers Bloom: I had a dream that a world without Hippies was a violent, desolate hell where no one had any rights, and there was no love at all.

FM: And?


Isis: I had a dream where I ate some tasty, delicious moonbats. Deep fried, barbecued, baked, and basted.

Mmmm. Moonbats.

FM: Have you ever tried moonbat cooked over an open fire on a spit? It's absolutely delicious. But you got to baste it regularly with a sauce with high sugar content. Moonbat is so mushy, without that bark from the caramalized sugar, it'll fall off the spit.


Well, there it goes for this week. Next week, I'm going to have a special guest dream interpreter. She said I owed her because she granted me a couple of interviews, and this will be me paying her back.

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