Tuesday, April 11, 2006

[Politics] The Roach Motel That Is New Orleans

We can bus 'em in, but we can't bus 'em out.

According to an article in The Advocate, Civil Rights organizations are chartering busses to bring displaced New Orleanians back to vote. Why couldn't they get these people busses to evacuate?

Easy, our corrupt incumbent politicians can't hold on to their jobs without these displaced voters, but they could care less about the actual well being of the people that keep them in office. Politicians like "Katrina" Mary Landrieu, and Governor Kathleen Blabineaux-Bunko can't be re-elected if they don't have a herd of sheep that they can bus to polls and tell them how to vote.

This is how it's always been. The DNC, and civil rights groups send busses into the the inner-cities to bus people to the polls so they can vote democrat. The only difference is now, they are bringing them in from further away. The thing that gets me is that they plan to vote for the same people that abandoned them in their time of need.

One of Nagin’s best-known competitors, Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu, opened a new campaign headquarters Monday in Baton Rouge at 6002 Perkins Road, Suite B-3...

All of them [the displaced voters that spoke with the Advocate] expressed strong interest in the election, saying they vote in almost all of them. They split their votes between Nagin and Landrieu, or would not say whom they were voting for.

Jesus H. Christ. And we wonder why Louisiana is so f-ed up. No matter how our politicians screw us, we just keep on voting for them.

An Article in Time Magazine further documents Ray "Willy Wonka" Nagin's status as the fromt runner in the mayoral race in New Orleans:

In the aftermath of Katrina, Republicans and conservatives watching the black exodus savored the idea of winning back the city. But as it turns out, the poor and dispossessed, who suffered the most from the mishandling of the Katrina aftermath are turning out to be ardent supporters of Nagin — at least based on the wobbly numbers available.

I love my home town. I love my state. I just hate stupid people.

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