Monday, September 12, 2005

Lou Tepper Revisited

Did anyone beside me watch the LSU/Arizona St. game Saturday night? If so, I would like to know if anyone actually saw a blitz. Is it just me, or were our corners playing ten yards off the line of scrimmage? Now, I'll be the first say that I am not Les Miles. I don't get paid millions to coach the Tigers. It just seems an awful lot like a defensive scheme seen previously at LSU. The scheme brought to Baton Rouge by one of the most vile of human beings ever to walk the earth (Only behind Lou Holtz and Bobby Bowden and whomever is coaching Notre Dame at any given time) Lou Tepper.

For those non-LSU fans out there, Lou Tepper was our defensive coordinator under Jerry Dinardo. 'Nuff said. I'm willing to give Miles another chance, but if he's gonna stick with this read and react style of defense, we need to start looking for a new coach.

I know Les is no St. Nick, but if our corners don't start playing up, and knocking receivers off their routes, and if we can't get pressure on the QB, Tennessee is going to absolutely kill us. You cannot win in the SEC playing a soft zone. There is just too much speed in this conference. Our team is one of the fastest. We better start playing some man defense and blitzing like madmen, or Les Miles will be another Jerry Dinardo.

(NOTE: If you don't believe me, break out NCAA Football '05, or '06, or whichever version you happen to have, get LSU against any other team, play a cover 2 zone against LSU, and have Skyler Green (WR #5) run a streak, and see if he's not covered by only a safety by the time he gets downfield.)