Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hurricanes Suck...HARD!

Hey Everyone,

I am stopping by to let y'all know that I am okay, and things are slowly returning to normal. I'll probably not be blogging too frequently for the next week or two because I have basically gotten two weeks behind at work, and I have got to get caught up.

Some quick thoughts in the aftermath of Katrina:

First, since I left criminal law enforcement, I have never wanted to be a police officer again so badly. It pains me deeply knowing that my brothers in blue are out there working their @$$es off and I am not there to help. I have never felt more useless. All those that stayed behind to serve, you are in my prayers.

Second, I hope all you @$$clowns that have been looting New Orleans, and taking advantage of those who have lost so much recently, I hope you die spitting blood.

Last, If I have to miss another college football game, i.e. Notre Dame v Pitt, Miami v Florida State, or LSU v Anybody due to continuing hurricane coverage that only covers why George W. Bush didn't fix the levees, send help fast enough, etc., I am going to absolutely vomit! I hope the TV execs that made the decision to continue the Katrina Coverage indefinitely die spitting blood. I mean seriously. Nothing has changed. Hey, if something changes, let me know during half-time. It's not like the people that are still in New Orleans are going to see any of this. I haven't even been able to listen to Rush since the freakin' hurricane. You know, New Orleans was destroyed a week ago. I'm tired of turning on the news to hear some jizz-bucket say, "yep it's still destroyed, and why didn't W. do something about it."

Well thanks for listening to me vent. My blogging will be sporadic at best for awhile. Forgive me if I don't visit and comment on your blogs much for awhile. I sincerely thank y'all for the thoughts and prayers. And y'all are always welcome to party here while I am gone. Mi casa es su casa.