Monday, September 12, 2005

The 4th Anniversary of 9/11

I've been searching for different things to help drive a fitting post to remember 9/11. Since I suck with pictures, I figured I'd do better typing out some commentary, not that I'm much better at that. I was hoping to find a good number of dead bad guys killed in Afghanistan and Iraq so we could celebrate the number of diseased goat molesters our military men and women sent to meet Allah along with remembering the fallen heroes, and murdered innocents from that horrific Tuesday. I was not able to find any such number.

Maybe I just didn't know where to look. Maybe the search criteria I used was flawed. Then it hit me. Maybe the legacy of 9/11 will be that it showed the country how those citizens that profess to be about all those noble ideals, such as human rights, and peace at all costs, are really anti-American hippie scumbags.

Granted, I knew that going into this endeavor. I had no presumption that I wouldn't find any hippie cookyness while searching for these statistics. I just thought that I could do a simple Google Search and find the numbers I'm looking for, but it was not to be. Instead I found different made up numbers about civilians killed by US military action, and the numbers on how many US casualties that we have suffered.

I guess my hope is that people will learn from 9/11 that these appeasing lefties hate the US, and hate us too.